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SpreeCo, is a British company that invests in the sector of Food Innovation, producing functional Foods for people of all ages. It holds a series of Patents for the production of Foods, Beverages and Drinks of all kinds and types of Spirulina, Chlorella or Hippophaes (Sea-Buckthorn).
SpreeCo’s slogan is "Smart Food For Everyday People"  and declares in the most concise and comprehensive manner, the category (Smart Foods / SuperFoods) that the company belongs according to the Committee on Food of the European Union as well as all the people to whom looks to make sales.
Functional food is the new trend in the food industry, where a growing number of people have adopted a "healthy" lifestyle as a means of disease prevention. As part of this trend has increased the demand for food products, except nutritive properties have a beneficial effect on health.
The English term «functional foods» refers to products that combine nutrition with disease prevention.


Functional Carbonated Isotonic Sports drink with Orange and Hippophaes (also know as Sea Buckthorn).
It contains at the correct ratio, sugar for good proper brain function and salt to replenish sodium from perspiration the body during sports.
Furthermore, due to Hippophaes, the athlete receives more than 190 valuable vitamins, minerals, to strengthen the body, during sports,and the period right after the exercise.
It has (perhaps) more vitamins than any other isotonic drink in the World.
Spreeade Hipp, is Excellent at Sports and Novelty in Science.
It has a lovely fruity sparkling flavor that refresh your mind and improves energy during exercise .

Multivitamins Coffee beverages enriched with Spirulina.
A unique and innovative idea for energy and strength all day long !!!


Spree Ellinikos

Spree Ellinikos, the Traditional Greek (boiled) coffee now in minced Arabica and Robusta coffee beans enriched with Spirulina.
Excellent blends with full, complete taste.
It is the coffee that holds into its body the colors and the smels of Greece.

Spree Cafe' De Filtro

Spree Cafe’ De Filtro, French (Filter) coffee enriched with Spirulina.
Minced Arabica blends mixed with lovely Aromas, for an Ultimate Tasteful Experience.
Just relax and enjoy every sip.

Spree Instant

Needs no further introduction, simply pour a few tablespoons of Spree Instant and go into action.
Shake a cold coffee with less or more sugar, because this will always be the favorite habit of many people around the world.


E*Spree*sso, coffee enriched with Spirulina.
Espresso A la Creme, a mix of minced Arabica and Robusta blends into a unique fruity taste combination.
A unique creamy taste ideal for Freddo Espresso and Cappucino Freddo or Caldo.
Suitable for Professional and Home coffee machines.

Multivitamins Chocolate beverage
enriched with Chlorella.
Rich source of nutrients, very useful for completing the food and from those who do not eat enough fruits and vegetables.
Assists and supports the proper functioning of your body.
Rich in proteins, vitamins, minerals, chlorophyll.
Promotes growth of friendly bacteria and antioxidant protection.

Spree Strawberry Chocolate

Spree Chocolate Strawberry, enriched with Chlorella.
Ideal for consumed by kids.
With strong Strawberry flavor, It gives all the energy that they need at school or at sports.

A unique product, a rich source of nutrients, very useful for supplementing the diet and from people who do not eat enough vegetables and fruits.
Assists and supports the health, immune, digestive, bowel functions and the growth and repair of tissues. It helps to detoxify the body.

tsiniajpg chillijpg

coto_2_1jpg Fluffy crispy butter cookie, with a soft sweet taste.
It is not just another cookie, is your new sweet habit.
Prepared with flour, margarine, icing, vanilla and hippophaes.
It is suitable for those who are dieting or fasting as well as for people suffering from cholesterol.
With more than 190 vitamins, minerals, trace elements, proteins than any other product in its class, SpreeCoto, will be ....... new_obsessionjpg

 Rich source of nutrients, very useful for supplementing the diet and for the people who do not eat enough vegetables and fruits.
Assists and supports: the health of the immune, digestive, bowel function, growth and repair of tissues. It helps in detoxification.
Rich in proteins also contain vitamins, especially B12, minerals, beta carotene, alpha lipoic acid, chlorophyll, RNA and DNA. It also promotes the growth of friendly bacteria and provides antioxidant protection.

 Spirulina is a microscopic aquatic freshwater alga with exceptional nutritional and therapeutic properties. Included in 8 whole seaweed can be eaten as food by humans, as among the few species of microalgae can be cultivated for food purposes.
All essential amino acids contained in this spiral wrack. It has over 100 valuable nutrients and are highly digestible food.
It is the richest in protein "green food", containing 55-70%.
Contains very few calories. For example, 5 gr. (recommended by many, generally consume daily a healthy person) gives you about 14.5 calories.
Contains no cholesterol.
It has about 58 times more iron than raw spinach and contains all the minerals your body needs: iron, magnesium, potassium, zinc and trace elementselenium .- It is one of the richest foods in antioxidant pro-vitamin A (betacarotene).
It is particularly good source of B12 and E vitamin.

Spirulina, What makes us good

The main antioxidants of spirulina active against cancer and premature aging.
The amino acids protect the brain cells and improve the functioning of the nervous system.
Extremely rich in chlorophyll, which is particularly beneficial for the formation of red blood cells. It cleans the blood by removing toxins and stimulates the functioning of all organs and tissues of the body, especially
theliver, whichplays an important role in removing toxins from the body.
Another important component of spirulina are phycocyanin, which supports the detoxifying effect on the liverand kidneys, protects cells from free radicals, stimulates the production of blood cells and strengthens the immune system.
The most interesting property of spirulina is that, thanks to a polysaccharide containing the spiroulani, you can prevent the virus of AIDS, and other viruses.
This gives hope for the possibility of future therapeuticintervention against the disease AIDS .- Amazingly rich in gamma-linolenic acid is effective in treatingpremenstrual syndrome.
Moreover, it prevents the concentration of cholesterol in the blood vessels.


Chlorella is one of the older organisms on the planet. Their appearance dates before 3.5 billion years.
The microalgae Chlorella joint became widely known when used in basic tests photosynthesis in the early 20th century. Today is one of the most widely studied organisms, having a redundant fold investigated. This is a freshwater microalgae. It's circular shape and size is 0,005 - 0,010 mm.
In 1940, scientists in western industrialized countries have tried to produce because of high nutritional value.All attempts failed because of high production costs.
Chlorella has the highest content of chlorophyll. There is no other plant organism on this planet that contains more chlorophyll quotas.
Chlorella possesses high absorbance due to the cellular structure.
It consists of Selloulozi and is extremely difficult to digest. Assists in the removal of heavy metals from the body.
Rich source of nutrients, very useful to supplement the diet and people who do not eat enough vegetablesand fruits.
Assists and supports health: immune, digestive, bowel functions and growth and tissue repair. It helps in detoxification.
If you followed detoxification program recommended to be taken on an empty stomach.
Rich in protein also contains vitamins, especially B12, minerals, beta carotene, alpha lipoic acid, chlorophyll, RNA and DNA.
It also promotes the growth of friendly bacteria and provides antioxidant protection.


This is one of the oldest plants on Earth. Its presence dates back long before the Ice Age.
Its scientific name is: the sea-buckthorn berries (Hippophae rhamnoides).
Thrives even in the poorest soils, depending on the microclimate of each areais found in coastal areas, but also semi-deserted or mountainous areas.
The fruits like grapes or grape, orange and are succulent and have a sour taste.
According to the "International Center for Research and Education for seabuckthorn", the plant grows and is cultivated in Europe and Asia. 

It is found mainly in the following countries: China, Mongolia, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Russia, Ukraine, England, France, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Sweden and Norway.

190 Effective Ingredients !!!

Included in the category of "hypertrophy» (super foods), some of which are: spirulina, aloe vera, bee pollen,ginseng, a candle cane, chlorela, the essential oil of rosemary. According to Russian and Chinese scientists, Hippophaes contains 190 valuable substances, most of which have strong antioxidant activity. The more and deeper (106) have been identified in the oil contained in the fruits. According to scholars, the most important scientific discovery of the Hippophaes is not just that contains valuable substances onhuman health, but also that both the concentrations and their combination have matched by nature in such a way as to offer optimal coverage in the human body.
What does it offer to the body Stimulation, euphoria and energy, rapid recovery and healing.
Strengthening the immune protection against cancer.
Protecting and strengthening the nervous system, reduce stress.
Regulation of metabolism.
Treatment of prostatic hyperplasia, liver diseases and gastrointestinal problems, such as ulcerative colitis,esophagitis, the disease of Crohn.
Protection against cardiovascular problems, reducing bad cholesterol and blood sugar, protect blood vessels, enhancing blood circulation.
Relief from symptoms of menopause, menstrual pain and protect the reproductive system. Remedy tissues and cells after long exposure to radiation.
Preventive action against eye diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.
Detoxification to the body, oxygenation and renewal of cells, treat premature aging.
Treatment skin problems like acne, pigmentation, eczema, burns, psoriasis.

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